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Marks Products, Inc. 1243 Burnsville Road, Williamsville, VA  24487USA

Company Profile


We design, manufacture, and retail GeoVISIONTM video systems:

  • Underwater camera video systems for viewing water wells and vertical and horizontal boreholes
  • Finding ground water pollution and ground water contamination inflows into wells
  • Inspection camera systems for geophysical exploration, geophysical logging, and water well inspection
  • Inspection cameras for various industrial manufacturing situations
  • Cameras for search and rescue assistance
  • Salvage dive inspection camera work  

For product information, sales, brochures, demo tapes, and pricing on all of our products you may:

  • Call 800-255-1353 toll free from the US, elsewhere 802-626-5302 
  • Email: 

Marks Products, Inc. manufactures and retails GeoVISIONTM video systems worldwide.  We have customers in 35 countries. Our factory is located in Virginia about 30 miles west of Staunton. Marks Products opened for business in June 1988. We currently have 6 full time employees and 2 part time.


Marks Products, Inc. was incorporated in June of 1988 to manufacture and sell RearViewVISIONTM our video rear view monitor system directly to motor home (RV) owners by mail-order.  The base of operations was the basement in our home.  In February of 1989 RearViewVISIONTM model 1 was introduced to the public at the Valley Forge RV show.  The adventure had started.  By October 1989 the founder and CEO Franklin J. Marks, Jr. was granted a patent on a suction cup bracket for mounting a video camera.  This allows our camera to be mounted on the inside surface of a vehicle's rear window making for easy inside installation of the RearViewVISIONTM system.  We marketed the systems by placing ads in RV magazines and attended conventions and rallies.

We introduced our new flat screen B/W and Color RearViewVISIONTM systems in the summer of '98.

In the summer of '88 we were urged by some Hydrogeologist and Geochemist friends to build a borehole camera system for the water well industry.  Taking their advice we introduced our first  GeoVISIONTM system in the summer of '89.  A hydrogeologist firm from State College, Pa. first marketed the system for us by demonstrating it at water well industry conventions.  It sold for under $10,000 consisted of a B/W camera in a 2 1/2" diameter by 11" long aluminum and stainless steel housing, a 4 1/2" B/W monitor, a VHS VCR, a power supply, a mechanical footage counter and a hand operated winch with 500 feet of cable.  It was housed in winch carrying case (65 lbs.) and a smaller system carrying case (40 lbs.) that could be carried and operated by one person.  The system could be powered from a vehicle's cigarette jack, as can all our systems.

In '91, we introduced our B/W model M3 system and our first color system model CM3.  Both of these systems included an on screen display of depth footage and were still based on our 2 1/2" diameter by 11" long camera housing and had 750 feet of cable on the winch, but due to other miniaturization the complete system could now fit into the winch carrying case and only weighted 80 lbs. total.  The CM3 color version sold for $15,000.

In the spring of '92 we introduced our GeoVISION microTM model M1 color system.  The system was basically the same as our CM3 system except the new color camera was only 1 1/8" in diameter and 11" long and all stainless steel.  It had a depth capability of 1,000 feet and sold for $18,000 complete.   It was ready to setup and start taking videos out of the box.  Our GeoVISION microTM M4 is our latest model.

In October 1994 we started our very popular GeoVISION JrTM system with included a PVC housed B/W camera 2 3/4" in diameter and 3" long with depth rating of 200 feet.  The camera was unique as it could be tilted and rotated in a 4" or larger bore if supported by a pipe string while in the borehole.  The model 1 system sold for $2,500.  We are now in the 4th generation of this system Jr M4 with a 1 1/2" diameter. camera that is rated to 1,000 feet.

GeoVISION microTM 500 our most ambitious system, went into production in the spring of '97'.  The system is based on a beefed up version of our micro camera with an operational depth of 1,650 feet (500 meters) and a full time power winch.  Yet the complete system is housed in a 28" W. x 30" L. x 25" H. carrying case that weighs under 180 lbs. when field ready.

The 1998 Summer Jubilee show saw the introduction of our new Jr color system.  The availability of new high brightness white LEDs and a miniature color video module allowed us to design a low cost, high resolution, low light color system that operates in 2" to 24" borehole without the need for an incandescent light.

1999 we introduced a white 9 LED solid-state Ring-Light for our GeoVISION microTM system.  In December 1999 we finished the design of a motorized side-looking mirror for the GeoVISION microTM cameras that would operate in as small as 1 1/2 inch diameter bores.

At first, our GeoVISIONTM systems were selling well enough from being seen at conventions and by word of mouth that we did not advertise in print.  But we started advertising in the June 96 issue of the "Water Well Journal" to increase sales to help pay for the office which we planned to move into on January 2 of 1997.

In 1997at the urging of one of our friends who owns a machine shop and supplies parts to us we started designing cncVISIONTM.   This video system is use with milling machines to inspect parts while they are still mounted on the mill. The second quarter of 2000 we will introduce the second generation that uses a 12 inch LCD flat screen monitor with a new B/W camera and a new color camera head that incorporates white LED solid-state lights.

1999 saw the development of our WorkVISIONTM video workstation.  This also uses a 12 inch LCD flat screen monitor with a color camera head with zoom lens (1.5 - 25X) and auto focus it also contains a white 12 LED solid-state light source.  This system can be used to aid in inspection, micro assembly and soldering.

2000 we introduced our 6.8" flat screen RearViewVISIONTM rear monitor systems with the 6.8" high brightness LCD monitor and 1" diameter 1/2 lux color camera.  The motorized side-looking mirror attachment was added to  GeoVISION microTM 500a line of borehole cameras.

2001 Marks Products, Inc. licensed Wintron Technologies to manufacture and sell our RearViewVISIONTM product line.  In the fall we introduced the mini Jr.™ system borehole camera. This low cost system has the worlds smallest submersible borehole camera head 1 1/8" diameter x 3 3/4" long.  We also introduced the Optional OSD for Jrs.  which provides footage on-screen-display for our Jr camera systems.

2002 we are discontinuing the GeoVISION microTM 500a product line and adding a footage on-screen-display to our Color GeoVISION Jr.TM system and is an option for our B/W Jr systems. SearchVISIONTM which includes a patent pending under-vehicle video-inspection system and a telescoping pole search camera system has been licensed Wintron Technologies to manufacture and sell.   In April of 2002, we introduced GeoVISION microTM M4 system.

2003 The GeoVISIONTM Jr borehole camera systems are now sold in four configurations. Modular pricing is adopted for the Jr systems, which allow customers to choose each option independently or other options.  The Mini is discontinued.  

2004  The Marks Products Factory moved to Williamsville, Virginia in January 2004.

2005 The GeoVISION Deluxe System was introduced. 

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