Marks Products, Inc.
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The New Marks Products factory was finished on 6 January 2004 in Highland County, Virginia. This facility is larger, thus allowing increased production and in many cases one or two day shipping. The opening date was January 2004.
 The Factory Address is Marks Products, Inc. 1243 Burnsville Road  - Williamsville, VA  24487 USA
The pictures in the first table were taken 5 June 2004 of the completed MPI factory and office complex.
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The pictures in the second table were taken on 8 November 2003

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The pictures below were taken on  6 September 2003
smpif100.jpg (11987 bytes)
smpif105.jpg (16070 bytes)
Larger version of factory and view
 Frank Marks demonstratesd the GeoVISION Jr
smpif106.jpg (13785 bytes)
Frank Marks demonstrates the GeoVISION Jr in the 600 foot deep well in the corner of the MPI factory
smpif107.jpg (14345 bytes)
Closeup of the power winch
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