GeoVISION™ Borehole and Water Well Camera Video Rental Equipment


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For GeoVISION™ rental and sales Call 800-255-1353 toll free from the US and Canada; elsewhere, 802-626-5302  , Email:


GeoVISION Home  Manufactured in the USA

Four borehole camera systems are available for rent.


The Advantages of Renting GeoVISION Borehole, Shaft, and Water Well Video Camera Systems Directly from the MPI Factory

1.   All the rental fees, excluding shipping, will be credited to the purchase of the GeoVISION system if the customer chooses to keep the system or buys a GeoVISION system within 30 days.

2.  All systems shipped for rental are either new, like new, or maintained by the GeoVISION factory to be in excellent condition.

3   Several models and options are available.

4.  All GeoVISION rental cameras have stainless steel housing and sapphire lens covers

5.  All GeoVISION cameras are interchangeable.

6.  Three different cable lengths are available: 325 feet, 1000 feet, and 1650 feet.

7.  The manual Pan and Tilt is included with the standard cameras.

8.  Motorized Pan and Tilt is an available option with the Deluxe Systems.

9.  On Screen Depth Display is available with all rental systems.

10. Camera lights On/Off circuitry is available with all rental systems when used with the standard cameras. This option is used effectively to improve videos when supplemental lights are used.

11. The nano 3/4 diameter camera is available with all GeoVISION rental systems.


Deluxe Systems

The Motorized Pan and Tilt is optional

Heavy Duty Econo Systems

 with On Screen Depth Display

Camera options

Standard Stainless Steel Color 

Standard Stainless Steel Black and White

The nano Stainless Steel color


Other options

7 inch LCD monitor

Sony DVD recorder

Motorized Pan and Tilt

Quad Dive Light

Adjustable Super Eight Light,

A fifteen percent deposit is charged on rentals deposit will be held against system damage beyond normal wear and tear. The daily rental fee is door to door.

For GeoVISION™ Rental and sales Call 800-255-1353 toll free from the US and Canada, elsewhere, 802-626-5302  Email: