Tiny Camera Adds to Wide Range of Services of ETTL Engineers & Consultants Inc. for Ground-Water Monitoring and Recovery Wells
Do you own and/or operate ground-water (G-W) monitoring and/or recovery wells?  As readers located in Texas and adjoining regions may know,  ETTL, for quite a few years, has had a wide range of services avail­able for such applications, ranging from well installation, mainte­nance and rehabilita­tion, to plugging and aban­don­ing, plus replace­ment, if required — as well as sampling and analysis, and collecting data measurements.  Now ETTL has increased its service capabilities by acquiring a Geo-VISION™ water-well camera and video system, using them to in­spect the condition of operating wells and to identify causes of well problems — espe­cially in the slotted screen por­tion of wells and the casing joints.


Well Inspection inside the Well Itself!

The photos below were taken during an evaluation of three recovery wells, made for an ETTL client. Averaging 25' bgs, the wells had been in ser­vice for some time and had become inefficient.  From the information ETTL gath­ered, an appropriate rehabili­tation scheme was developed.  With the help of ETTL's Geo-VISION camera and video system, it was discovered that the bottom cap of one well was defective; and the well was replaced.  The structure of the other two wells passed mus­ter, but each required a new pump.  ETTL pulled the old ones and installed a Grundfos Redi-Flow 3 Submers­ible Pump – a "smart" pump with built-in safeguards and con­trols – in each well, as well as in the new (replacement) well. 


How the Camera and Monitor Are Used With a Pipe String

The Geo-VISION cam­era has its own light. It first is at­tached to narrow PVC pipe.  The centralizer is used to keep the camera centered in the well to be inspected.  It then is lower­ed into the well so inspection can be carried out.  More sections of PVC pipe are added until the camera reaches the bot­tom of the well.  The well's condition is continuously displayed on the monitor and is re­cord­ed audio-visually. ETTL uses the Geo-VISION to help identify the integrity and operat­ing effi­ciency of wells from 1¼" to 24" diam­eter. The cam­era hous­ing can op­e­­r­ate in pressures to 200 psi (equal to 426 ft under­water).