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March 2009

Hi John:

I would just like to take a minute to let you know that we are extremely satisfied with our recent upgrade of our GeoVISION Deluxe color pan and tilt system.  We have had the color pan and tilt system for over a year now and have logged approximately 50 wells in a variety of rock-types, well diameters, and depths. 


We recently purchased the super-eight supplemental lighting system and have found it to offer superior illumination of borehole features and large limestone conduits. The first well we logged with the super-eight system was a 14" diameter high yield manufacturing production well in Rockingham County, Virginia. The GeoVISION pan and tilt system with the new light produced incredible imagery - I don't think I could have seen any better if I taped my eyeballs to the lens. 


We have been impressed with the customer service we have received from the GeoVISION factory and the constant improvements made to the camera systems throughout the years (we still have a fully functional B&W GeoVISION Jr. model we purchased about 6 years ago), and often tell folks that our GeoVISION borehole camera is the most useful geophysical logging tool that we own! 


Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Joel Maynard

Ground Water Geologist

Ground Water Characterization Program

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

(540) 574-7864



February 2009

Mr. Wilson:

I just wanted to say Thanks for letting us use the Nano camera.  It worked fantastic and we were very pleased with the operation and resolution. Our government sponsor said "We need to get one of those."  We even saw a black widow spider down about three feet in one of our old wells.  He (or she?) turned and showed off her red hourglass. It just made our day.  My only complaint is that the PhD from the agency kept adding more wells to videotape.  Nice little camera!
Dave Traub
SM Stoller

Grand Junction, CO



Casselberry & Associates endorse GeoVISION borehole cameras by Marks Products, Inc.


Casselberry & Associates bought one of the first GeoVISION cameras made back in 1989. It is used in our work of developing high capacity water wells for municipalities and industries. This borehole camera system has been in continuous service this entire time we have owned it and it has performed very well.

Jim Cassellberry

801 East Branch Road

State College, PA 16801