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Bob Dunne

January 2004


We have received and are using the Heavy Duty Black and White GeoVISION Camera System that I purchased prior to the holidays for the Upper Stillwater Dam Project in Utah. We are using the camera to investigate and monitor the grouting of cracks within the Dam below the ice packed reservoir level. The unit is performing superbly. It is submerged in 36-degree water 2 to 6 hours a day during grouting activities to monitor cracks within the dam below the impoundment level. We are using a 30-foot long section of 1 1/2 inch PVC as the camera housing (pipe string) with feed to an igloo where the monitor is housed. Ambient temperatures are 10-20 degrees F without wind chill.  The performance and durability of the unit to date is outstanding.

I appreciate you prompt attention and the quality and performance of the unit. It is greatly facilitating or grouting program. The Bureau of Reclamation dam inspectors were quite impressed with the high quality of the picture.

Bob Dunne, Project Manager ASI RCC
Upper Stillwater Dam Project north of Mountain Home, Utah

ASI RCC home office Buena Vista, CO


 Upper Stillwater Dam in Utah

 Picture of Upper Stillwater Dam



Gord McKenna

15 September 2003

Dear sirs:

We received our new borehole camera last week and have been using it to map boreholes we drilled through our sulphur block. The picture quality was great, it was easy to use, and the service we received was excellent. Thanks so much.  Gord

Gord McKenna, PhD PEng PGeol

Geotechnical engineer, Closure & Reclamation Team

PO Bag 4009, Mail Drop M303 Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada  T9H 3L1

Phone: 780-790-8327




Generator in foreground with  GeoVISION Color Econo Configuration

Click to view larger picture.

GeoVISION Color Econo Configuration with extra pipe string balanced on the improvised sun shade.

Viewing the borehole image on a monitor with an improvised sun shade. Click view to larger picture.




Shows single operator setup with pipe string. 

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Drilling on the sulfur block in Alberta Canada.

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