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Some of these videos were taken by GeoVISION customers and owners and reordered with a VCRs and then recorded onto another VCR. These VCR tapes were then used to make DCDs. These third generation recordings have lost some resolution, yet they still show the quality obtained with GeoVISION camera systems. 



Many of these files are large and are not recommended for downloading with a dialup modem. Depending on the speed of your internet connection these downloads may take a few seconds to several minutes.


These videos are available on a DVD that can be sent to you by mail from Marks Products, Inc. Call 800 2551353 for your copy.


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Video Title and Description


An abandoned coal mine taken with black and white camera

The ultra low light black and white GeoVISION camera is able  to view and record dark objects at a great distance, more than 12 feet, with only the "in camera" LEDs.  This video shows the reasonable clarity obtained even under adverse conditions of water falling on the camera.

7200 KB

The GeoVISION Jr color camera is going down a borehole 

This short video shows the color camera in a limestone borehole with small crevices. Notice the On Screen Depth Display in the upper left of the screen and how the camera stays in the center of the borehole with the use of centralizers.

1976 KB

Viewing the bottom of the casing

This video shows the motorized pan-tilt camera rotating and then tilting up to view the bottom of the casing from below. This same procedure can be done manually with the use of a pipe string.

9409 KB

Viewing with the motorized pan-tilt camera and color Jr camera

This video shows the effectiveness of the motorized pan-tilt option.  The camera views into a diagonal crevasse and can easily be tilted to view in any direction and any angle.

7050 KB

Viewing the side of a borehole

This video shows dogtooth spar and calcite deposition in a borehole drilled in limestone.

 2288 KB

Viewing a small cave with falling water drops

This video demonstrates the ability of the camera to clearly show the inside of a small cave in the side of the borehole that would be almost impossible to see with the camera pointing down.

 7514 KB

Using the side looking mirror and viewing down the borehole with the micro camera

The first part of this video shows the micro camera with the side looking mirror viewing 90 degrees to the side in the center of view.

4467 KB

Shows the side looking motorized mirror using the micro camera

This video shows the micro motorized side looking mirror going past the pump and pipe and rotating at the bottom of the casing.

 5446 KB


Very Large Video Files

The nano GeoVISION ultra low light camera

16.3 MB